Get real money bonuses to your trading account and start Forex trading without an initial investment! For any account type there is always a bonus or a promotion you can benefit from!
  1.  10 lots bonus
    • The bonus is added to yourStandard account, as soon as the total volume of closed trades in your account reaches 10 lots.
  2. 1000 microlots bonus
    • Make 1000 micro lots of trading volume (closed trades) in a Micro account.
  3. ForexCup trader’s contest bonus
    • Take part in Forex trading demo competitions at, make profit, win and get real money bonusesand prizes to your FXOpen live account.
  4. Forum bonus
    • Join discussions at FXOpen Forum ( and getreal money bonuses to your liveaccount. Bonus amount per single post depends on the forum thread (usually $0.03-0.1). Posting bonuses are added to live trading accounts (ECNStandard or Micro) forseveral posts at a time.

* Please visit FxOpen for more details.