E.g.1 Deposit $6000 and receive $6000 Bonus. That’s right with a deposit of $6000, you will be able to trade $12000!

E.g.2 Deposit $200 and receive $200 Bonus. That’s right with a deposit of $200, you will be able to trade $400!

The Bonus is applied to your account instantly* following deposit and can be used to trade with. There is no time limit on your Bonus!

The Bonus is for trading purposes only and cannot be withdrawn. It is there to allow you to trade higher volumes.

The Bonus is for a Limited Time offer, so claim yours today! Clients will be notified on this page when the bonus offer ceases.

The Bonus cannot be used to help you keep positions open and does not count as margin. If your running losses equal your total deposits, then you will be automatically stopped out. e.g. If you deposit $100 you will be given another $100 and will have $200 to open positions with. If the total P/L of your open positions reached $-90 you will be stopped out and your bonus will be nullified (due to the 10% margin level that will be reached).

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