When KickBackFX launched in August last year, we promised to take the hassle out of selecting Forex rebate service provider with our fresh, exciting, easy to access and easy to use service. We said our offers would be simple, no nonsense, straightforward trading conditions that are exactly the same as if you have opened an account directly with the broker.

KickBackFX is currently offering Forex Rebates from 30+ regulated Forex Brokers and hundreds of customers have made the switch to KickBackFX to avail of our great value offers.Since our launch last August KickBackFX has gone from strength to strength. Hundreds of customers have switched to KickBackFX this year and genuinely we want to say a great big thank you to all of those customers.

We’ve had many highlights this year.

We’ve extended our Forex Broker Selection. We launched a drawing for our members that trade 25lots+. We plan to continue working hard to ensure we keep our promise to deliver great value and choice to our customers.

Thank you for being a member of KickBackFX Forex Rebate Centre. Your Membership is what allow us to provide you with the best rebate rates with strong and effective representation referring to Forex Brokers Selection.

Once again thank for joining us and we look forward to providing you with a positive experience that will help build more cashback rebates month by month.